Tomoon was founded on September 15, 1990, under the shared belief that land and environment can be best developed when land valuation,development plans and architecture are all completed by one company. The founders of Tomoon are from different divisions of Korea National Housing Corporation, namely from urban engineering, architecture, and landscape architecture.
The name Tomoon is a combination of two Chinese characters:
To for land and Moon symbolizing architecture. It implies our strong will to carry out the entire work process that begins from the land itself to the completed architecture. It also symbolizes the spirit of Koguryo, the most powerful dynasty in Korean history, and holds the spirit of reuniflcation, reflecting the values we pursue as a company.


Tomoon Architects & Engineers
Address 138-961 Garden5 Works D 10f, 289 Chungmin-ro 52,
Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
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